The Gamma Skeleton

Forensic, genetic, and historical research done with Franziska Klostermyer on the Gamma Skeleton under the Natural History and Archaeology Collections Project.


The Gamma Skeleton is a near-complete set of academically-rigged human remains discovered on the campus of Randolph College. This skeleton was believed to be used by several secret societies of Randolph, including the Gamma '13 (for whom the remains were named).

Our work focused on reassembling the broken remains, determining the skeleton's genetic origins, forensically analyzing the skeleton's bone structure, interviewing anonymous sources knowledgeable about the secret societies of Randolph, and exploring the Randolph College archives.


Franziska and I presented on the Gamma Skeleton on several occasions (both together and individually (due to travel constraints)). The presentation of this work typically took approximately 15 minutes, followed by questions.